Thee Adventures of DeeJay.


Dee & Jay = DeeJay

*The back story of our friendship.

Jordan and I met a year ago our intro to gerontology class. We sit next to each other every class laugh and talking like we have know each other for a life time. I’m not sure if we told each other what classes we were taking in the fall. Leave it up our goofy selves to  ended up in same Biology of Aging class together haha!

It would be from that class where  we would really bond and become best of friends. I’m not one who make friends easily if I am being total honest. We started having study session for our biology class and from there we’ve been thick as thieves. We studied so hard and we passed our biology class together. Though somehow (God)  I ended with a slightly higher grader than she did but she was so happy for me! “You Deserved it!” – Jordan  When she said that when I realize what true  friendship was  really about.

So often women can not be supportive of each especially when one is doing better than the other. We support and help each other. What one know the other knows. What we don’t know we google!! I’m so excited for her to be graduating on My Birthday April 26!!! Though I wont be there to watch her walk due to religious reason! However,  I am happy to be there with her ever step of the way.

So we have these study sessions together at least three times a week and more days when needed. Today was the first day of our study sessions of the semester. Boy oh boy it was  Hilarious!!  As Jay says we were FARTING around haha! The randomness of the session. First, from not knowing where to meet up. Second, to not knowing what to buy to snack on. Third, messing with the guy from the eagle cafe’ about his flip phone. Him talking about me still having a blackberry! Fourth, getting absolutely nothing done because we were getting each other caught up with our lives. PLUS talking and laugh about everything but studying!!

Some good did come out of the session  she schooled me on graduate program at EMU sooooo i’m staying at EMU for grad school!! woop woop!!  So much randomness happen in this session but if I was to share it all   you’ll  would think we’re TOUCHED!

one session done many MOOOORE crazy ones to come! With Love, Dee.

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