A thought from Dee.

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My parents didn’t give me all the things I wanted growing up. I didn’t have name brand stuff etc. They gave everything I needed and then some. They gave me a memorable childhood. I grow up in a very quiet and respectable neighborhood in northwest Detroit. Made sure I went the best school small and education driven. Put me in sports and choirs. Allowed me to play the flute. My mom taught me how to play the piano. I can go on and on about my childhood. a child should always feel and be a child as long possible. Don’t  be in such a hurry to become an adult because you are only a child once and a adult for the rest of your life!

With Love, Dee.

2 thoughts on “A thought from Dee.

  1. Dee this is very similar to my childhood, and I loved reading the details you are grateful for. Looking back, I also went without much of what I wanted. But I cannot believe all that my parents did help me to do, because Lord knows they did not have the finances for it. They sacrificed so much so I could have the best childhood possible. Thank you for reminding me of how blessed I was to have what I needed, and not always what I wanted 🙂

    • Having a humble back ground has made me who i am! i wouldn’t dare want to have lived any other life! God has been so good to my family and i. Its the little things that matter. I would be where i am today with out the sacrifice of those that came before me grandparents, mom, sister etc. I am glad you enjoyed my types of post thus far!

      If you’re going to do anything in life do it With Love, Dee.

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