Law Number one: If You’re Gonna Buy Caviar, Make It Beluga



“Aspire” has to dictionary definition. One, to seek to attain a particular goal. And two, to soar to a great height. 

“So what happen between then (childhood) and now ( young adult/ adult) that you stop wanting to soar- when did you start being so irresponsible to yourself (Simmons p.2 pg. 19)?”

Kimora talks about how she doesn’t believe in being lucky, fair godmothers or men on white horse coming to save the day. I think a lot women my age believe put their faith in that a men builds them up. So  they do just enough to get by hoping  a man will come to  save them. Instead of putting the work for the things they want or needed.   Letting God building them up first because He builds you up you are built to withstand any and everything.

She believe that you have to want things for yourself, make things happen for yourself, and take risk to put your dreams into motion. We all day dream but there has to moment when we out growing the idea of just day dreaming. Turning those dream into a goal(s) creating a plan of action not just talking about it to anyone who will listen. With that be careful who you share you dreams with  because they can do two things support you or they’ll doubt you.

“You want caviar, so you reach for the top shelf and snatch the Beluga – its the best!” (Simmons p. 3 pg. 19)

We always say we want the best for ourselves yet we set these limitations as what can be consider the “best” for ourselves. We often

Source: KLS.com

Source: KLS.com

forget that God made us the head not the tail.  We should not strive to be rich with material things. By the way is something Kimora made clear in her book, she goes on to say if you get to a point where you can afford something then get the best but do it wisely. Strive to be rich in faith, love, peace etc. things that you can hold on when the going gets tough. Money comes and go but your faith continues to grow only if you allow it to.

To the best at something you have love what you do. Be willing to yo do it if you never saw a dime or never received recognition for it.

Be will to work for it. Shed some tears for it. Lose some sleep for it. Lose some friends or love ones for it. However, don’t put it before

God and be willing to do the same and go even further for HIM than you do for your dreams. For HE is indeed the dream giver. HE is our sources to fulfilling our dreams but we must be willing to submit ourselves to HIS will. Never have the attitude that you are going to do something and then ask God for help afterward and think its going to be “great.” Start … During… End God should be all up in it! If God can not be apart it you might let that alone!

I leave you with this thought. God is not the co writer of our lives HE the Author and Publisher. We are simply the words on the on the pages. Our lives have many chapter and those chapter tell our stories. But our stories already has an ending which can be found through the page of the Bible. But through our life experiences  and choice we decided what that ending will be. How we live our lives are the words within the chapters of our lives they ether reflect God or ourselves. What do yours reflect?

Keep following your dream, but never give up the chase of God! With Love, Dee.


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