Source: Loren facebook

Source: Loren facebook

I’m so moved to make very special blog post for very special young man named Loren Garner. I do not know him personally but I know his family and have interacted with him through church events.  Loren is a normal amazing 16 year old boy who has a flaw that is taking a huge toll on his everyday life. Isn’t able to spend time with his friends doing the  activities  he once loved to do with his friends. And that SUCKS!!

I have recently learned of his need for a kidney.  I’ve learned that  he goes to dialysis THREE  times a week! Also, he  has surgery about once or twice a month. Through it all he has not lost his FAITH in GOD! What an amazing young man! I am personally asking those read and follow my blog to lift this you man in prayer daily! He is need of our love through the act of prayer! Prayer is still powerful and we serve a mighty GOD who will here our cries! So lets rally around the remarkable young man and let him know he has an ARMY of people behind him and God that is our general!

Here’s what his friends and family have had to say about Loren:

Kidney For Loren movement is very important peopleLoren Garner goes through more than the human eye sees and when a bro/ teammate, and fam needs support then it’s up to us to do it. Be strong bro! – Donovan Baxter (cousin)

‎—So proud of the kids from my high school Peterson-Warren Academy. They are really banding together and looking out for one of their own. My little cousin Loren GarnerLorenLlil BiggieGarner is in need of a kidney. He’s only 16 years old. He deserves a chance to grow up and experience life to the fullest. This Sabbath, just take the time to say a prayer for him and his family. Prayer goes a long way and God is big enough to do anything. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you (Matthew 7:7).” #claimingit -kb♥ – Kara Baxter (cousin)

Peterson is like a family. One friend is in need, we all reach out to help that friend. Even though I graduated from Peterson, my heart is still there. So as an alumnus, I want to keep in my prayers for LorenLlil BiggieGarnerLoren Garner, he needs a kidney. Been battling this for so long since I’ve known him. I am glad he has not given up on God and has faith in him. In your prayers tonight, tomorrow, keep my friend Loren Garner in your prayers tonight ♥ – Regina Gary

Everyone can do something! I’m praying for him and his family, we’re not asking for anything but support! #getthewordout #itsamovement #kidneyforloren – Ciera

So please let help this young man! let do out part let send this young man sooooo much love that he wont have enough room for it all all! So let you the hash tag that his friends and family has created to keep  spreading the word about #Kidneyforloren going forward!!

I’ll leave you all with this song We can’t give up!

#Kidneyforloren. With Love, Dee.


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