A thought from Dee: Jesus is the best thing that ever happen to me.

My earliest memory of the women of my family has been built around God. The first person to see get baptize was my sister. My grandmother Eunice was first person that taught me to fear God. “Nikki get some place and be still God is at work.” told to me during a thunder storm. My earliest memory of my Grandma Mary was her humming what i would later learn was gospel songs. No matter what time of the day she was studying her bible or talking about the bible.

The bonding of most of my dad sisters and i began in church or something to do with God. I always sat next to my Aunt Williemae in church. Cleaning the church with Aunt Diane and Aunt lou. Coloring Easter eggs w/ aunt pam and Grandma. My mother put me in the choir at three because she saw my talent and that is should used to praise God alone. There nothing like a mother’s prayer i always saw my mother praying and studying her bible. I get my love of singing from my grandma Mary who  always wanted us to  sing the song “one more time” before we depart from our family gathering.

I could go on but the point that i am making is that before i knew Jesus for myself i saw HIM in the women i aspired to be! So that made me want to know Jesus for myself. Because of the women influence i over time came to realize Jesus is Thee best thing to ever happen to me! You become what you see but you have a choice in it all! (This is not to excluded the men of my family at all.)

Jesus is THEE Best thing that EVER Happen to ME! With Love, Dee.


One thought on “A thought from Dee: Jesus is the best thing that ever happen to me.

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