Give some thought to your own thought.

Its funny what you allow your mind to think about and how often you think about it.

I often think about who i used to be and the many mistakes i’ve made. The countless number of time you’ve asked God forgiveness. God has forgotten it all yet I still wish to keep living it as if you are not forgiven.

It bugs me me how many hoops we will jump through just to be forgiven by those around us. But we let ourselves be forgiven.

Crazy right?!

We care more about what other think then what we think of ourselves. We’ll silence ourselves in fear of rejection. I’ve come to believe that until you are rejected you’ll never truly be accepting of yourself.

We accept an believe what is told to us with given it a self thought. Spend our live trying to change who we are with given any thought to the idea of:What do i think of myself?

Only then will you ever truly be forgiven, free and accepted because you made the choice to think for yourself.



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