Welcome! Welcome! Get comfortable and stay awhile … I don’t bite I promise!

I wish to share my life with each and everyone of you. In the hopes to inspire, encourage, and let you know you are not alone we are never alone. We never go through things by ourselves it may feel that way at times but it is not so. We each go to through similar things just at different times in our very unique lives. Yes, there are things I have not experience but where you the reader come in a share your stories with me.  I wish to invite different women or men to submit a story on a topic of their choice and I will post it and you will be my guest blogger of that day. As, the blog progress feel to send me a email at  tobedeetermine@gmail.com.

The very name of the blog is entitled To Be DeeTermine. So my first goal it to be Dee. I will always be true to myself and my God not matter what is to be discussed on this blog. I ask that you respect my thoughts and opinions as I will each and everyone of you. After, that everything is to be determine up to you the reader. I am determine to inspire and be inspired growing more each day with all of you. I have a idea as what  I want to discus but  life happens. When life happens good or bad I wish to share it. If there is one thing i can truly promise you… that is nothing will ever be perfect. I’m a little rusty blogging wise but will have fun along way. So stuck around I just warming up!


A little bit about myself…

God’s love has made a way out no way in my life, by the faith I have lived by. Everything starts and ends with God no matter if i can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am a woman of many names but I have chosen to shorten my name and go by Dee Eunice Moore.

I am 22,  a humble native of Northwest Detroit. Where I attended Communication and Media Arts high school. After, graduating from high school I attend Western Michigan University for two years. I then transferred to Eastern Michigan University, where I currently a senior. Double majoring in journalism and communication with a minor in gerontology. I am looking forward to graduating in the fall of 2013. With hopes of furthering my education in a graduate program in health and risk communication with my focus in sociology of health.


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