Give some thought to your own thought.

Its funny what you allow your mind to think about and how often you think about it.

I often think about who i used to be and the many mistakes i’ve made. The countless number of time you’ve asked God forgiveness. God has forgotten it all yet I still wish to keep living it as if you are not forgiven.

It bugs me me how many hoops we will jump through just to be forgiven by those around us. But we let ourselves be forgiven.

Crazy right?!

We care more about what other think then what we think of ourselves. We’ll silence ourselves in fear of rejection. I’ve come to believe that until you are rejected you’ll never truly be accepting of yourself.

We accept an believe what is told to us with given it a self thought. Spend our live trying to change who we are with given any thought to the idea of:What do i think of myself?

Only then will you ever truly be forgiven, free and accepted because you made the choice to think for yourself.



A thought from Iyanla Vanzant.




“Love never changes. It remains constant and available in an unlimited supply. Love is right where you are, wherever you are, in this moment – love is. Love is available to you right now. Will you be available to love? When you can be love, move in love and see love in all things, you are living the truth of your soul.”-Iyanla Vanzant

A thought from Dee: Black Power.

Being college educate doesn’t necessary make someone intelligent. Believing you own opinion is truth is ignorance in itself. What you chose to believe isn’t what is important. How you say the things in which you believe exposes your intelligence or the lack there of on a particular topic. Before making a status discuss that topic with someone. My generation is so far removed for the struggle of Fore-parents. To the point they do not understand the basic terms from those time periods. Black History is American History if we don’t acknowledge or appreciate it who will?  The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. -Malcolm X  How do you prepare for a future when you wont acknowledge or appreciate your past and those that came before you. Black power simply means you have acknowledged that you have the God given power to overcome any situation. It just so happen you complexion is “black.”



Black Power is giving power to people who have not had power to determine their destiny. –Huey Newton 

The problem with my generation we want to give words new definitions without  first seeking out how the term came about.

If you learn to read you  wont ever have to depend on some else knowledge. You would have your own.

Black Power! With Love, Dee

Give God Time!

It took God just a few days to take Israel out of Egypt but it took Him 40 years to take Egypt out Israel. It is easier to take you out of the world than it is to take the world out of you. God is changing you. Justification happens in a single moment of faith when God declares the sinner righteous but sanctification is a work of a lifetime. Just consider where you were ten, five or two years ago. The challenges that you faced in the past helped shape who you are today. The challenges you’re facing today are preparing you for the future He is preparing for you. Don’t lose hope & don’t turn back. No one is there yet. Walk in step with God, one day at a time, step by step & He daily creates Christ‘s character I’m you. Change is not an event it’s a process. Forward Ever!- Isaac Kubvoruno

Reading the above statement touch me so much that i just had to share it! I think sometimes we forget that God is a God of order and not of confusion. But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 2Peter 3:8  Give God time to work things out for you for in that time God is strengthen your faith n HIM. Trust and know HE has everything under control. All we have to do is go in faith, believe in Him, hold on to HIS promise in HIS word. God has not forgotten you so don’t ever think HE has. Remember HE is an on time God. Things sometimes don’t work out still be faithful to God and trust HIM no matter what life throws your way. Remember God is bigger and stronger than anything you may face in your life!  Be encourage. Never forget that this too shall past!

Let God have HIS way in your life today! With Love Dee.


A thought from Dee: Jesus is the best thing that ever happen to me.

My earliest memory of the women of my family has been built around God. The first person to see get baptize was my sister. My grandmother Eunice was first person that taught me to fear God. “Nikki get some place and be still God is at work.” told to me during a thunder storm. My earliest memory of my Grandma Mary was her humming what i would later learn was gospel songs. No matter what time of the day she was studying her bible or talking about the bible.

The bonding of most of my dad sisters and i began in church or something to do with God. I always sat next to my Aunt Williemae in church. Cleaning the church with Aunt Diane and Aunt lou. Coloring Easter eggs w/ aunt pam and Grandma. My mother put me in the choir at three because she saw my talent and that is should used to praise God alone. There nothing like a mother’s prayer i always saw my mother praying and studying her bible. I get my love of singing from my grandma Mary who  always wanted us to  sing the song “one more time” before we depart from our family gathering.

I could go on but the point that i am making is that before i knew Jesus for myself i saw HIM in the women i aspired to be! So that made me want to know Jesus for myself. Because of the women influence i over time came to realize Jesus is Thee best thing to ever happen to me! You become what you see but you have a choice in it all! (This is not to excluded the men of my family at all.)

Jesus is THEE Best thing that EVER Happen to ME! With Love, Dee.

A Thought from Dee: Studying

looks like we're studying


Studying can be annoying. I know a lot people who don’t like to study. They simple just wing it.  I’m not going to say that is not a good idea  but you got pretty confident to plug that off. Studying is to help you but some sometimes they way in which we study can actually be distraction or harm to us.

I will admit I have weird way of studying but its all form trails and errors. Some good produce good result then other produce decent results. But you want to get the best results so you have give your best. So Studying is an investment you get what you put into it. If you are spending a great deal in studying and you are still  not producing the grade you’ll like to have. Try changing things. When are you studying? Time is important. Who are you studying with?  This is a HUGE one because not all your friends have the same goals as you. If you have a friend that just want to get by in a class that might not be the best person to study with because they may lack dedication. Find some who is striving for the best grades in their classes.



Where you study? Is very important because it can be filed with unnecessary distractions. If you’re like me anything can distract you…literally anything. Why are you studying? Remembering that this is investment in your future makes you think twice about just want to just get by in your classes.  What are studying? If you’re like me and is college you are probably now in your core classes or electives for your major or minor. You pick what ever you are going to school for so this is you interest so you should be willing to go the extra mile in understanding the information. Even if it is just an general education elective still go the extra mile because you there to learn. So why not learn?

I’ve been there where a certain class  just isn’t my interest but you got push through it. You may go into a classes think one way but when you get into the course material you find out it something you will keep with you for the rest of your life.  You may not ever use it in what ever your career choice may be. But hey you may be in a  interview and you might be able to have small talk. Basically, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!  Take as much out of  a class as you can.

Here are somethings I do when studying:

  • Pray… Pray… Pray
  • when something is getting stressful or too much I take a break. Read something else, listen to music. if possible take a quick nap.
  • I have a study group with people who are and aren’t in my  class. Two reasons:  sometimes you need help from a classmate  and you have agree to help each other when needed. Second, reason is an excuses to still hangout with people i may not see often due my schedule. Or i know from previous classes we have study well together so i just keep it going.

Study groups come in all different sizes! important thing is you are studying !

*sidebar: Study group are important to me because they keep me responsible and accountable. The people in your group help you to stay on course. Don’t get me room we do get a little goofy but we have a great time and it produces great success!

  • I go to the highest floor in a building and i sit the hallway and do home work. because its quiet!with very few distractions.
  • keep a planner i not going to go in great details about why a planner is important. you might want to click me.
  • write down daily goals or weekly goals a strive to get them all done that week. if not make them for the folloing week put keep writing them  they keep motivated

I have many but i want to know what are yours? Leave me a comment.

Happy Studying! With Love,Dee.

A thought from Dee.

734706_10152404864135721_1506622144_n (1)

My parents didn’t give me all the things I wanted growing up. I didn’t have name brand stuff etc. They gave everything I needed and then some. They gave me a memorable childhood. I grow up in a very quiet and respectable neighborhood in northwest Detroit. Made sure I went the best school small and education driven. Put me in sports and choirs. Allowed me to play the flute. My mom taught me how to play the piano. I can go on and on about my childhood. a child should always feel and be a child as long possible. Don’t  be in such a hurry to become an adult because you are only a child once and a adult for the rest of your life!

With Love, Dee.

A Thought from Dee: How do you start your day off?

For the most part when I wake up I say a prayer. Then read my devotional. Tend to read two devotionals one i receive by email another that I read from “The Faith I Live by”  written by Ellen G. White.

So times i wake up in a not good mood so before i leave my bedroom this what I see:

I try not to let my bad mood leave my room. But sometimes it does anyway depend on the day. But that where prayer comes in again to get my mind back on Jesus! Which makes  any day a even better! It’s important to start your day the way you want the rest of the day to proceed. If you woke up praising go you’ll carry to through out they day naturally no matter what the day brings!

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Ps. 119:105.

Start your day. With Love, Dee.

A thought from Dee.


I keep putting one foot in front of the other, yes i do and i keep on walking. I walk at the pace Jesus sets for my life! don’t rush me! I serve a God of order when you rush things tends to get out of order. I walk and go where HE only leads me. There is a great work that must be done within me and through me for the benefit of HIS glory alone. God’s Love will make way only through the faith i live by! HE want make way on the faith that i’ve borrowed I must know and trust Jesus for myself. Jesus must be real in your life before you can go telling other about HIM. Your life should be the testimony that points people to Jesus not away from Jesus! A testimony is a witness of something. so if you have not witness Jesus for yourself… What then makes your testimony to be?

With Love, Dee.