Stand Boldly: God’s Love


Hello & Thank YOU!

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HELLO!! to all my readers boy have you all grown sooo fast! thank you for all the kind words and encouragement! Thank you for commenting please continue ! If you any question please leave a comment and i’ll glad answer or find the it for you!  If there anything you want to submit or contribute  to the blog email me at Follow me @tobedeetermine on twitter! I gladly each and everyone of you have enjoy the content of this blog thus far there so much more to come! Be blessed!

If you’re going to do anything in life do it: With Love Dee.

Reading… Reading!

Cover of "Fabulosity: What It Is & How to...

Cover of Fabulosity: What It Is & How to Get It

So excited to read Kimora Lee Simmons Book “Fabulosity.”  First half of chapter one done can’t wait to start blogging about the book. She one few people I  admire so i am really excited to finally be able to read her book! I will do a People I admire post about her after I finish the book. I already admire her so i’m sure will admire her even more after completing the book!

Be Inspired. With Love, Dee.

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Study Session: Struggle was real

Nothing stops the study session even it means occupying a random corner in the student center. The struggle was indeed real! Lewis aka louway and I  got a lot done while still being silly!  But our goal are even realer! You have to keep people around you that is will to put in the work to be successful! Chose your friends wisely !

Happy Studying! With Love, Dee.


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There are two types of best friends.



Number 1 :
The best friend who you’re real close to. You see them at least twice a week, maybe more. You talk a lot and catch up on everything.





Number 2 :
The best friend you don’t talk to as often, but deep down, you’ll always know that they’re your best friend. They understand you, although they barely see you.


When friends go from being type number one to type number two, it can be very difficult. But over the years I have  learn that they are still my best friend just on different paths that  may not cross each other path as often as we would like. Also, never be afraid to make a new best friend don’t feel you can’t make a new best friend because you think it will replace your old one. Just make friends they serve  unique role in your life not matter how long or short you’ve know them. But understand not everyone is your friend!

Go Be Friendly. With Love Dee.

My Planner… My Planner! Where Ever I Go It Goes! My Planner… My Planner!

My planner as of January 28, 2013 two days into the week! Yes it looks crazy already!

My planner as of January 28, 2013 two days into the week! Yes it looks crazy already!

I’m must admit I am bit obsessed with my planner! My planner is like my best friend! I write prayers or scripture to myself to keep me going. I color coordinate important things based on the class. Do not touch my planner for no reason!! I dislike when people touch my planner or read it! I think it is  so RUDE! I think to talk to (write) my planner more than people sometimes. When something or someone is bothering me I write in my planner. So my planner becomes my journal  and yes I do sign and date it after just like I would in a journal.

I keep all my planners even from elementary. Yup, E.W. Yost Academy made us write in a planner in elementary. They would have us to write in it every day then take home and have our parent sign it daily. It was to keep us responsible and make our aware of our parents aware of what I was do for homework daily.    They are so important to me its like my life in print by year. I often go back and read my planner and laugh at the things I wrote in them. I wonder what was I thinking… like really Dee ? you was tripin’ over that or them?

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I would be lost without my planner. I  have not gotten hype over electronics yet. I don’t think I ever will because it seems so impersonal. I like the idea of writing down  my thoughts. People look at my planner, the first thing they say is wow your busy or  your very organized! I like being on top of thing I dislike falling behind. I like thing done weeks in advance if possible.

I think everyone should have a planner or journal to keep them motivated and on task! I promise you, you  will have no regrets investing in a planner or journal!

Happy Planning or Journalin’. With Love Dee.