Happy 100th Birthday to the late Rosa Parks!

Source: Google.com

Source: Google.com


Today would have been Rosa Parks 100th birthday! She was indeed a one of a kind women! I’ve always admired how she lived her life. She was apart of the civil rights movement but that not all she wanted to her life to be about. She is indeed one of my many “hero’s.” After all she did make detroit her home! My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends!

Be classy. With Love Dee.


Happy Birthday to Anita Baker!



Thanks to my dad she was introduce me as a child. Her album was the first album I bought  with my own money. It was between hers and Prince new album ugh so tough to pick that day! I had just graduated from 8th grade! haha Well my allowance lol.  It doesn’t hurt that we share the 26 as a birthday date. which make her ever more cooler in my book haha! Hope she had an amazing day and blessed with many more birthdays to come!

with love, Dee.

I’ll leave you with a few of my top 5 songs (tough list to put together):

Whatever it takes

No more tears

Soul inspiration

Giving you the best i’ve got

Aint no need to worry