Daily Devotional: Low State of Morals


Fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints. Eph. 5:3.
There is an alarming commonness in conversation at the present day, which shows a low state of thoughts and morals. True dignity of character is very rare. True modesty and reserve are seldom seen. There are but few who are pure and undefiled. . . .

Polluted thoughts harbored become habit, and the soul is scarred and defiled. Once do a wrong action and a blot is made which nothing can heal but the blood of Christ; and if the habit is not turned from with firm determination, the soul is corrupted and the streams flowing from this defiling fountain corrupt others.

There are men and women who invite temptation; they place themselves in positions where they will be tempted, where they cannot but be tempted, when they place themselves in society that is objectionable. The best way to keep safe from sin is to move with due consideration at all times and under all circumstances, never to move or act from impulse. Move with the fear of God ever before you and you will be sure to act right.

The moral dangers to which all, both old and young, are exposed are daily increasing. Moral derangement, which we call depravity, finds ample room to work, and an influence is exerted by men, women, and youth professing to be Christians that is low, sensual, devilish. . . .

Those who have learned the truth and do not have works corresponding with their profession of faith are subject to Satan‘s temptations. They encounter danger at every step they advance. They are brought into contact with evil, they see sights, they hear sounds, that will awaken their unsubdued passions; they are subjected to influences that lead them to choose the evil rather than the good, because they are not sound at heart. . . .

There is no training we need so much now as the preparing of young men and women to have moral rectitude and to cleanse their souls of every spot and stain of moral defilement.


A Thought from Dee: Studying

looks like we're studying


Studying can be annoying. I know a lot people who don’t like to study. They simple just wing it.  I’m not going to say that is not a good idea  but you got pretty confident to plug that off. Studying is to help you but some sometimes they way in which we study can actually be distraction or harm to us.

I will admit I have weird way of studying but its all form trails and errors. Some good produce good result then other produce decent results. But you want to get the best results so you have give your best. So Studying is an investment you get what you put into it. If you are spending a great deal in studying and you are still  not producing the grade you’ll like to have. Try changing things. When are you studying? Time is important. Who are you studying with?  This is a HUGE one because not all your friends have the same goals as you. If you have a friend that just want to get by in a class that might not be the best person to study with because they may lack dedication. Find some who is striving for the best grades in their classes.



Where you study? Is very important because it can be filed with unnecessary distractions. If you’re like me anything can distract you…literally anything. Why are you studying? Remembering that this is investment in your future makes you think twice about just want to just get by in your classes.  What are studying? If you’re like me and is college you are probably now in your core classes or electives for your major or minor. You pick what ever you are going to school for so this is you interest so you should be willing to go the extra mile in understanding the information. Even if it is just an general education elective still go the extra mile because you there to learn. So why not learn?

I’ve been there where a certain class  just isn’t my interest but you got push through it. You may go into a classes think one way but when you get into the course material you find out it something you will keep with you for the rest of your life.  You may not ever use it in what ever your career choice may be. But hey you may be in a  interview and you might be able to have small talk. Basically, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!  Take as much out of  a class as you can.

Here are somethings I do when studying:

  • Pray… Pray… Pray
  • when something is getting stressful or too much I take a break. Read something else, listen to music. if possible take a quick nap.
  • I have a study group with people who are and aren’t in my  class. Two reasons:  sometimes you need help from a classmate  and you have agree to help each other when needed. Second, reason is an excuses to still hangout with people i may not see often due my schedule. Or i know from previous classes we have study well together so i just keep it going.

Study groups come in all different sizes! important thing is you are studying !

*sidebar: Study group are important to me because they keep me responsible and accountable. The people in your group help you to stay on course. Don’t get me room we do get a little goofy but we have a great time and it produces great success!

  • I go to the highest floor in a building and i sit the hallway and do home work. because its quiet!with very few distractions.
  • keep a planner i not going to go in great details about why a planner is important. you might want to click me.
  • write down daily goals or weekly goals a strive to get them all done that week. if not make them for the folloing week put keep writing them  they keep motivated

I have many but i want to know what are yours? Leave me a comment.

Happy Studying! With Love,Dee.